This is the most expensive monkey stamp in my collection.
I purchase this at US$1,980 from eBay, PRC stamp the first
issue on Zodiac series in 1980 known as T46.

 I have over 1,800 Monkey stamps in my collection ranging 
from all kind of subjects from worldwide countries.
Very soon my collection will reach 2,000 as new purchases
will be arriving soon!

Thousands of rare and beautiful Monkey Stamps

Monkey Species Stamps
In this world, there are about 260 Monkey species, so 
there are no problem finding them in stamps collection. 

Famous Monkey People 
Famous people that involved their life with monkey can be found 
on stamps, too.  Such as Ms Jane Goddall, Ms Dian Fossey,
Charles Darwin etc....

Monkey Zodiac Stamps
Monkey Zodiac stamps are one of the most popular issue.
Over 65 countries all over the world have been issuing
stamps on this topic.

Monkey Stamps on Other Mixed Topics
As can be seen here, Monkey stamps come in all kind of topics such as:
Legends (Sun Wu Kung), Mythology (Hanuman), Fables, Paintings, Toys etc.

Monkey Stamps Presentation
Most of my stamps have been placed on A4 size 
paper ready to be used for exhibition or presentation.