My name is Johnny Lowis, Singaporean aged 68.  I am 
Chinese, was born in Indonesia. I graduated from 
De Monfort University (U.K.) and a professional graphic 
designer. Collecting stamps is one of my main hobby, 
and there are about 980.000 (estm) stamps in my 
accumulation, with about thousand over stamps
on this "PIG" issues.

I have been collecting stamps since I was 20 years old, 
Zodiac Stamps and Queen Victoria are my main
 favourite collection.  My stamps collections have been
exhibited at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, and different 
Stamp's Clubs from different countries.  Part of my this 
"PIG ON STAMPS" Collection will be exhibited at 
Shenzhen Book Centre in mid February.

If you asked me, how long I've been collecting 
these stamps? I've been collecting these 
"PIG ON STAMP" since 2005, so I should say 
already for about 13 years. 

Most of the stamps either I exchange them 
with my 230 overseas stamps collectors 
or purchase them online. 

 I valued my this "PIG ON STAMPS" 
Collection for about $11,000, this include
the time, research work and write-up. 
So, I may release it with any 
reasonable good offer.

To find out more about me, why 
not give me a call or email me! 
(65) 94567853

Any of these photographs can be used for publication/articles.
Please let me know if it need to be re-taken.