An article on Sin Min Daily 30 January 2017

An Article on China Press News Paper (Malaysia) on  31 January 2017

Thousands of Cockerel Stamps in My Collection

Few hundreds of Chicken Breeds on stamps which form 
part of the collection. 

Chicken Breed on stamps.

Cockerel Zodiac stamps from A - Z Worldwide countries.

Cockerel Zodiac on stamps part 2.

Chicken on Farming Industry on stamps.

Chicken on Legends and Fabels.

Chicken on Utensils, Toys, Household ware, Ornamentals, Lantern etc...

Chicken on a variety of famous food, such as Chicken Rice, Satay Ayam, 
Soto Ayam etc.

Cockerel can be seen here with famous cartoon characters.

Cockerel Zodiac on different issues of First Day Covers.

All the stamps are mounted on an A4 size paper with write-up.

Pages of information ready for exhibit.

All the pages are housed into this file.

Inside of the folder contain hundred of pages.

"Cockerels on Stamps"
"The Chicken Story"

"Cockerel Zodiac Stamps Exhibition" 
at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.
(January - June 2005) 

Exhibit guided tour

Sample of the exhibit panels.

An article on Chinese daily newspaper
Lianhe Zao Bao, featuring me admiring the
Slovenia Cockerel Soccer Stamp.
My Chinese name is : 

Autographed "Cockerel Zodiac Souvenir Covers"
designed by me for the Kreta Ayer Stamps Society 
at ChinaTown Square Stamps Exhibition.
( 14 - 16 January 2005 )