Worldwide Dog Stamps

I have about 2500 of Dog on Stamps in my collection
from all over the world.  Some of these stamps 
are housed in an A4 presentation album together
with the write-up.

If your organisation need this collection for
exhibition or publication, you can always 
contact me at:

Video presentation on part of the collection.


This album contain about 2,000 stamps on DOG.
Featuring Dog's breeds, famous dogs, 
dog's activities, famous dog's paintings etc.

The world's first dog stamps issued in 1887, 

by New Foundland (Canada).

The world's fist stamps on Dog (1887)

Dog stamps on Chinese Zodiac.


On presentation pages.

On presentation pages

Dogs Stamps on famous cartoon characters.

Some famous personalities born in the year of
Dog, can be seen on stamps, too.

Dogs on famous paintings.

My "Dogs on Stamps" Exhibition in 2006 at 
Ang Mo Kio Community Club.