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Hundreds of "Pig on Stamps" on Zodiac theme Collection.

First Day Covers on some PIG ZODIAC issue.

Pig Zodiac on larger Souvenir Sheets.

Wild Boars the ancestor of Pig from various breed.

Pigs Farming and Breeds from various countries.

One of the most expensive set on Pig Collection,
issued by PRC China on pig farming in 1960.

Pork is one of the favourite ingredients in food dishes
from worldwide countries such as sausages, hams, 
satays, dim sum etc......

Pig are one of the popular cartoon character.

Mythology of ZhuBajie (Pigsy) can be seen on few series of 
"Journey to the West" stamps from various countries.

Wild Boar hunting is one of the favourite game.

Pig and Boar are one of the popular subjects in
art such as paintings, figurines/sculptures, dances,
coat of arms etc.

Famous personalities born in the year of Pig featured on
stamps, such as Lee Kuan Yew, Prince Raineir III, 
Earnest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Lucille Ball etc.....

. .

All these stamps are backed with write-up and information,
and stored in a special binder.